Improving My Technology Skills

Improving My Technology Skills

Need To Sell Your Old Business IP Addresses? What To Know

Marie Brunet

If you are getting ready to close down your business and you have IP addresses that you can sell, you can sell for a profit. There are a lot of things that you'll want to do before you let just anyone utilize the additional addresses that you have, but there is a demand for IP addresses and you are currently holding on to something valuable. You'll want to talk with a broker that does these types of transactions, and you'll want to ask them about the following.

Selling the Block

If you have more than one or if you have several, it may be better to sell them in a block. Talk with the brokers to see if they get more money if they have a chunk of addresses to sell, or if they are better off taking them all apart. The broker may sell them at a set price and then you get a portion, or they may allow people to bid on the addresses.

Bidding on the Addresses

If you go through a broker that will give the addresses to the highest bidder, than you may not make as much money as you want, or you could end up making far more than expected. This will depend if you are getting a commission from the sale price, or if you are going to sell them to the broker at a set price and then they can determine what they choose to sell the addresses for.

IP History and Security

Make sure after you sell the addresses that you are no longer responsible for anything that goes on with the IP addresses, so someone doesn't come to find you if there is some suspicious activity with the addresses and what they are used for. You have to take your own security measures to protect yourself.

If you have a business that had its own IP addresses and now you aren't going to be using those addresses for anything, you can make money off what you have. You can choose to try to sell the addresses on your own, or you can use a broker or selling service. You can sell the service provider the addresses at a flat rate, and then you don't have to worry about them again, or you can choose to do a bidding auction where the addresses will go to the highest bidder and you collect your cut.


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