Improving My Technology Skills

Improving My Technology Skills

Boredom, Noise And Fights On Long Car Trips? How To Prevent It

Marie Brunet

Summer is on the way. That means family trips and vacations. If you are not flying in order to save money, you run the risk of long car trips. Anyone who has ever spent time in a car with kids for more than an hour knows exactly how taxing this can be. Children get bored very quickly, and when they are bored, they start picking fights with each other. If that causes a feeling of dread, here is how you can stop the boredom and fighting before it even starts.

Custom Video Installation

Get the family car or mini-van ready for some major changes! A custom video installation typically includes at least one DVD player, if not two separate ones so that the kids can watch different movies, plug-ins for video games and video game controllers and places to stash games and movies. If you get the really high end custom video packages, you may even get touchscreens and internet connections to the sites kids love, like YouTube and Disney Cartoons. Yeah, it is the "pre-vacation expense," but considering that your kids will be individually busy doing their own thing, there will be no time for fights or boredom as the adults roll down the road talking.

Each Kid Gets Headphones

Custom video installations always include headphone jacks for the video screens. That means you get absolute quiet in the car and they get their noise in their ears. Do not forget to pack headphones for each kid that is old enough to wear them!

Have Each Kid Choose Ten Movies and Five Video Games

If you get the high-end package where your kids can insert video game disks and play their favorite games as well as watch DVDs, make sure each kid selects five games and ten of his/her favorite movies to take on the road. The high-end custom video packages will have separate compartments close at hand for storage, which is perfect any time the kids need to switch out a game or movie. That is at least ten to twenty hours' viewing and play time where you do not hear any noise, they are not yelling about how bored they are and no fights break out because the kids are busy.

Stop and Stretch Every Few Hours

Kids are naturally high-energy, never mind special needs kids with autism or ADHD. That means you should be stopping and letting the little monkeys out to run around for a good thirty minutes every few hours. They will tire out and not be quite so antsy. It also means they will get a much-needed break from screen time and be more willing to return to it when they get back into the car.


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