Improving My Technology Skills

Improving My Technology Skills

  • Little Items That Are Must-Haves For Your Road Trip

    Getting the big essentials is never too hard for a road trip. Everyone knows to pack a cooler of food, some comfy clothes, pillows, and so on. But it's the little items that can make or break your trip. Here are a few things you should add to your checklist: 1. A Mobile Charging Station and/or an Electrical Power Inverter A mobile charging stand is the standard tech today for charging smartphones and other small, battery-operated devices (e.

  • How To Burglar Proof Your Front Door

    If you think your home is safe from a break-in simply because you lock your doors and windows, then you are probably wrong. Only about 30% of burglaries occur through an open door or window. Burglars have no problem using force to get into a home, and reports indicate that force is used about 95% of the time during a robbery. While this is true, criminals will do their best to look for houses that can be accessed fairly easily with minimal trouble.

  • 4 Common Causes of Data Center Outages & How to Prevent Them

    If your business has just invested in a data center, then you likely know that a data center outage would affect your business. However, you may not realize just how detrimental even a short outage can be. A recent study showed that just a one-minute data center outage can cost a business as much as $7,900. If this large loss of revenue scares you, then you will find it good news that most, if not all, outages can be prevented.

  • Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level With One Of These Themed Designs

    A man cave should be a place where you and your pals can kick back, relax, and be yourselves. While a simple room with a sofa and TV can fit the bill, you can take your man cave to the next level by designing it around a central theme or activity. Here are three themed man cave designs to consider for your home. The Movie-Buff Man Cave Do you and your friends enjoy kicking back and watching a good film?

  • Providing Employees With Cell Phones? What Should You Do To Keep Your Business (And Yourself) Protected?

    In today's mobile and high-tech society, it's imperative for any business -- no matter how big or small -- to be quickly and easily accessible to customers or clients. Often, especially in service-based industries, this can mean setting up your employees with a cell phone so that they can make and receive calls, access email, and perform other tasks while on the go. However, before you find yourself at the electronics store browsing cell plans, it's important to develop some policies and procedures to ensure you're protected.

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Improving My Technology Skills

As soon as I started a new job, I realized that I should spend a little time honing my technology skills. I wasn't that familiar with the program that the rest of my team was using, but I knew that understanding the jargon would significantly help my career. To sharpen my technology skill set, I started staying after work to practice different aspects of the software. It took me a few months, but eventually I knew the program better than anyone else at work. My blog is all about learning more about technology, so that you can stand out from the crowd.