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Improving My Technology Skills

Take Your Man Cave To The Next Level With One Of These Themed Designs

Marie Brunet

A man cave should be a place where you and your pals can kick back, relax, and be yourselves. While a simple room with a sofa and TV can fit the bill, you can take your man cave to the next level by designing it around a central theme or activity. Here are three themed man cave designs to consider for your home.

The Movie-Buff Man Cave

Do you and your friends enjoy kicking back and watching a good film? A movie buff man cave may be perfect for you. The central component to this design is a high-quality home theater system that will let you enjoy the sound and picture at their best. When shopping for your home theater system, look for these qualities:

  • A widescreen television format, which will ensure movies are presented like they are in a real theater.
  • An HDMI port so that you can connect your television to a computer or tablet if desired.
  • Wireless speakers, which will emit sound without the inconvenience of cords running across your room.
  • A 3D Blu-ray player so that you can enjoy the latest 3D movies to the fullest.

In addition to a home theater system, you''ll also need some comfortable seating. If you only every have a few friends over at a time, perhaps a reclining sofa is sufficient. If you want to be able to accommodate more people, consider adding some compact reclining chairs to the space. Decorate with your favorite movie posters, and mount some shelves on the wall so you can keep your favorite DVDs and Blu-rays within easy reach. Finish the design off with a popcorn maker and a mini fridge stocked with your favorite beverages.

Sports Lover's Man Cave

Whether you love soccer, football, baseball, or all sports, setting up a sports lover's man cave will give you a place to enjoy the big game without having worry about driving home from the bar. Invest in a good home theater system, as described above, so you can see and hear the game as clearly as possible. Once you have some comfy seating in place, it's time to focus on the memorabilia. This is what will really set your man cave apart. Shop yard sales, online dealers, and sports memorabilia shops to find:

  • Balls autographed by your favorite players
  • Cards from your favorite players
  • Historic jerseys from teams you support
  • Old games on DVD or Blu-ray (to watch when there's a bye week)

Make sure you display these items out in the open on shelves or open cabinets so that your visitors can enjoy them, too. If you want to take your sports-themed man cave to the next level, look for a rotating hot dog cooker or a pretzel warming box to keep your game time snacks handy.

The Craft Beer Lover's Man Cave

If you've jumped on the craft beer enthusiast bandwagon, you and your friends need a special space to enjoy your brews. Thankfully, you don't need a wet bar for beer, so setting up a beer lover's man cave is a project you can tackle yourself. Look for a luxurious wooden bar to serve as the center piece of your design. Mismatching bar stools make for an eclectic look. Start collecting pint glasses and coasters from your favorite bars and craft breweries, so you can use them to serve your friends.

A sofa and simple card table will give you more space to retire if you want to play cards. Decorate your craft beer lover's man cave with flattened six-pack boxes from your favorite breweries. Each time you and your crew finish a 6-pack, tape the box to the wall with some double-sided tape. If you want more of an upscale look, you can fill some glasses or bottles with barley or hops and display them on shelves.

Use these man cave ideas as inspiration as you design your own themed space. You and your friends will enjoy having a dedicated place to kick back and indulge in your favorite hobbies. For more information about home theater systems, consider websites like


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