Improving My Technology Skills

Improving My Technology Skills

  • Should You Call For IT Support? Times When It's Warranted

    In recent years, there has been a marked transition from in-house IT support to contracts with third-parties for remote support services. Unfortunately, one of the challenges that has come from this transition is the fact that some business owners don't know when they should call for IT support services and when they shouldn't. This is particularly challenging for those who pay per call because they don't want to spend the money on those services when they aren't necessary.

  • Things To Consider When Investing In A Projector

    Living and working in a multimedia environment means also being able to keep up with multimedia demands. One of the things that has continued to stand the test of time and evolve with the technology changes is projectors. And, projectors are a popular piece of equipment for business owners. If you're getting ready to invest in a new projector, it's important that you consider the investment carefully to ensure that you get what you truly need.

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Improving My Technology Skills

As soon as I started a new job, I realized that I should spend a little time honing my technology skills. I wasn't that familiar with the program that the rest of my team was using, but I knew that understanding the jargon would significantly help my career. To sharpen my technology skill set, I started staying after work to practice different aspects of the software. It took me a few months, but eventually I knew the program better than anyone else at work. My blog is all about learning more about technology, so that you can stand out from the crowd.